Saturday, November 05, 2005


Well, my first comment was from she who is small, blonde, pink-addictive and cute. This fact is stunning since she is horrible about checking e-mail and notorious for not checking blogs. She must not want to study. Oh by the way she just LOVES to study.

I have started the second purple sock for my brother. Yes he wanted purple. Don't ask me why. I just was stupid enough to volunteer to knit him socks again. He has an 11 1/2 inch foot. YUCK! I purchased three balls of Cascade Fixation for this project. I am doing the Twin Rib from the Ribbing - Plain & Fancy booklet by E.J. Slayton. I will have to remind myself to pick up another copy when I am out in the Midwest. (Technically since I am in the Eastern part of TN, I believe I can say I live in the East and not the Midwest. I wonder where the line is drawn between the East and Midwest.)

I hope to have the socks completed by Christmas, because two Christmases ago he received an IOU for a second sock made from some alpaca yarn. Yes I did finish that sock, but I do not want a repeat performance. After all, brothers like to tease little sisters (except this little sister does not tease her hair!)


Anonymous Chris said...

No fair! I have no internet connection until tomorrow, except for the library, 18 minutes before closing. Hmpf. I could have been first.

I hope your work goes well Mary! Give me a holler sometime!


5:43 PM  
Blogger LilacNell said...

at least they are purple socks :)

9:54 AM  

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