Sunday, November 13, 2005

1st week

The first week at work is finished and the weekend almost over. I almost had an OOPS on Friday afternoon. One of my co-workers was out of the office until Friday morning. He had scheduled a meeting for me at 1pm on Friday. I had planned and stayed so that I could have Friday afternoon off. Noboday informed me of this meeting until Friday morning. I went and discussed the situation with the co-worker. He rescheduled the meeting for 10am that day. The meeting did go long, but some interesting information did appear, which may help my co-workers result. Long story short Mary has her first project, which is helping this co-worker to import some numbers into EXCEL and Maple. I am looking forward to helping and maybe I can learn some stuff.

Friday afternoon I went to the mall here in Kingsport. The mall is small, but it does have a store that specializes in Bireckenstock shoes. (I know my spelling is horrible.) My friend, Kama, would love the store. 1/2 shoes and 1/2 purses. (Oh Kama congrats on finishing the bolero. OLE) I have not made up my mind on shoes. I want some that are way comfy. My poor little feet (I wear a size 5 1/2) have calluses and need to be treated in style. I just do not know if I should go with brown (dark or light), or black. I have tan, brown, navy and black pants. What do my KS/MO sylists think? I know I know buy 3 pair, but if I had to prioritize them, which ones??

Saturday, I went to a knitting shop here in Kingsport. It is small, but the owner had stated that some ladies drop in to knit on Saturdays. Well I stopped by and meet the owner again and two nice ladies. Thank god for knitting, because it will help me to connect with people. The only problem is that the knitting open time is only from noon to 2pm. I think there maybe personality issues with other knitters. Oh well, this event will open doors. We will see.

Today, I drove to Knoxville to do some shopping. (Knoxville is about 1 1/2 hours away) Why go to Knoxville? There is a mall there that has Eddie Bauer and Coldwater Creek. The ones up here do not have these stores. I was looking for some jeans and pants. I bought two pairs of moleskin pants and a tan leather jacket at Coldwater Creek. (I know Nell that I need some color in my closet, but I need work staples first. Color will be added as accent.) Eddie Bauer disappointed me big time. Hardly any jeans and no khakis. I will probably be doing some catalog shopping too.

While driving to Knoxville, I spyed something that made me think of Missouri. What do you ask will Mary drive 65 miles again in the next couple days?? BASS PRO SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is huge. Hmmm. maybe someone will hit on me there. A fishing girl can only hope.

On the knitting front, still working on the purple sock from he** and have the thumb gore to finish on my first flip top mitten for Tamara.

Time to go and check on some bread. I tell you about it tomorrow or the next day.


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Anonymous Kama said...

It's snowing here today in KC...makes me want to think about shoes. Of course, I say go for Birks. However, there is a pair of Danskos I saw that I may have to have. Brown shoes can be worn with jeans and all pant colors (except black!) and black can be worn with anything (except chocolate brown and navy!). Get the color that goes with the pants you wear the most. (You know I really want to say buy 'em all!)
Bass Pro would be a great place for a fishing girl to get asked out...of course, avoid the guys there that fish to escape crabby wives. Ha!

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Anonymous Lynn Haffner said...

Hey Mary,

I am glad you are finding your way around and getting some knitting contacts. It just takes time and I know that you will be very happy.

We missed you last night at No Idle Hands. I told the girls, I would write you and let you know we were thinking about you.

Take Care,


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