Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catch Up

Well I had a great time in Gaitlinburg. Traffic is worse than Branson. I did like the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and I will definitely return there. I had a great time shopping. I located the perfect store for me. Half flyfishing and half yarn. What more could I ask for? I did purchase 2500yards of merino-fingering-lace weight for like $25. I stayed in a Honeymoon condo and had a huge hot tub. It was lovely. I ate out a couple of times. Steak was good too.

I will be leaving Monday to go to SC again. I will return on Thursday and leave again on Sunday. I feel like I have not had a lot of time to enjoy my tree and Christmas. Oh well. I will leave from SC Friday before Christmas. I am unsure of when I can make it done south to visit my knitters in crime.

Good luck to Chris moving to MT. I hope you have plenty of long underwear.


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Anonymous Chris said...

You are so sweet! I may have to get some flyfishing advice from you.... it seems they frown upon worms and weights. Guess what worked out East doesn't fly (heehee) out west.

My kids have no Christmas tree. I fully expect protective services to pull up any minute. ;)

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the cute Christmas card. I love it. What are your Christmas plans in KC? Hope you can make it to No Idle Hands on the Thursday between Christmas and New Years. We will be having our dishcloth exchange that evening. E-mail for the secret thing we are doing too.


11:33 PM  

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