Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy Busy

I know that I have not blogged in awhile. So here is a quick update: Work has been really busy. I am a lead on a project which has caused me to do work at home and stay over at the office. I have already had one trip to Greenville SC and will have some more trips. Due to these trips I am unsure of my return date to KC for Christmas. I will be in SC right before I leave. I am planning on driving. Car is doing fine and has had the 75,000mile checkup and new belts. Ouch to the pocketbook.

I have joined a program at work to lose weight. There are three others on my team from my floor. The program starts on Wednesday and runs six weeks. I even toured the gym for this event. All four of us will be working out together. I hope things go well.

On the shopping front, I went to outlet malls about 1 1/2 hours away. I purcahsed some tops, a pair of shoes and a couple of Christmas ornaments for my tree from Lenox. A group from work went. I dropped them at Banana Republic and power shopped. i.e. they are younger and had their places and I had my places. I did have to call one of them from Coach to talk me out of a purse.

For Thanksgiving, I will have steak again. Third year straight. I have made reservations for a condo down in Gaitlinburg, TN which is just outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park. It is a honeymoon condo, but I am going by myself unless Pooh Bear starts to behave. The condo has a hot tub in it. Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is one bedroom so sorry you can't visit. Now if pink one's cute brother wants to visit, Pooh Bear is so going to get kicked out.

On the knitting front, I finished a moebius for a gift. I hate to finish so I have still a side seam to complete on the other sweater. Purchases: Well this is a different story. This past weekend there was a fiber festival in Asheville, NC. I spent more money there in two hours than over five hours at the outlets including a trip to Bass Pro. Do I have your attention now?? I purchased:
Knitted Sweaters for Every Season by Nancie Wiseman (I finally broke down)
2 patterns Ganseys by Beth Brown Reislin
1 skein of handdyed Rayon with a Pattern for a vest
3 skeins of handdyed sock yarn from various vendors.
2 skeins of sock yarn with pattern from JoJoLand for a swap that I am member for an on-line group. Yes Lynn I saw the inquiry. I think she messed up an 1 for an l
some worsted weight yarn for a sweater that I am planning to knit one of my brothers. It is an A. Starmore design.
Finally, I purchased a swift. One that sits on a table not an umbrella. Only problem I paid for mahogany and came home with oak. Hopefully this problem will be resolved.

How is that for being a busy little beaver in TN? Oh yeah I have also been enjoying the fall colors, they are beautiful. Guess what I am closing on living a year here. Seems like yesterday I was moving. I still miss all my friends.


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