Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well this afternoon is my appointment with the surgeon. I possibly will return to work tomorrow. Rats!

During my recovery period, I have knitted on the following:

2 caps for little boys (using Blizzared
1 scarf complete (knitted using PJs from Knit One Crochet Too)
2 scarves in progress (1 knitted using Blizzard and Segue Ribbon)
1 poncho still needs to be assembled (using a noro Tidori and Berroco Suede. I like to sew on the floor)
my Sally Melville Favorite Summer Sweater (yes the one I ripped out the front and back because I have a warped mind. I am abover the armholes on the front and started the front end of last week.)
Barely started a sleeveless Lavold design out of Book 9. (Good book - take a look at your LYS)

AND FINALLY, today I finished casting on a moebius using instructions from my friend Lynn H. (This project makes me miss the Knitting Guild back in KC. Hopefully something will start to develop here - there is some talk amongst a couple of people.) This project is a Christmas present for a good friend who does not knit.


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