Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stitches II - Friday

Well Friday at the conference, started off well. I had a class with Barry Lein of Trendsetters Yarns in the morning. He brought the yarn that we were working with and gave us tremendous handouts with interesting stitches. I played with yarn and had fun until the sinus headache took over. The client gave some Advil and I went to lay down for a couple of hours.

Recovered I hit the market again. Please note market adventures a week later are a blur. That afternoon was a class with Joan Schroeder. I enjoyed the geometry of the triangles and trapezoids of the shawls. This and a pattern that I purchased inspired the client and myself to start designing after the Fashion Show. With any show there some really ugly outfits and some really nice outfits. I wanted a couple of the patterns and purchased them on Saturday and Sunday.

I will give more info later. Oh keep Sept. 13th in your minds, I have gall bladder surgery then.


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