Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year

Well 2007 is here. I left Nell's at 6amCST to return to TN. Unfortunately I had a 1/2 hour wait due to someone else's accident just north of Knoxville. I made it in at 8:30pmEST that night. Not bad.

I still have my tree up. I want to enjoy it a little longer due to all my traveling. I will be returning to SC next week for probably the whole week. This time though we may be staying in a hotel with a fitness room. Yes. Also there is a contractor who I like to flirt with that will be there.

I did notice all the lose weight commercials yesterday. Or am I a paranoid? Oh well I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and a 20 minute yoga workout. Yes I sweat to yoga. Hey I thought inquiring minds would want to know.

Well here are some of the rules for Yarn Diet 2007:

1. I can buy yarn if my LYS is having a sale (this means I do not hit the sales bins).

2. I can purchase yarn at conventions/fiber festival (I have plans to return to NC fiber festival, go to Stitches East and the lace convention).

3. If the project is a gift for someone else, I can purchase yarn if I can not locate something suitable in the stash.

4. Books and patterns do not count as these items should help me reduce my stash.

5. I am allowed two Mulligans (or should I say Molly Mulligans for Lucy).

6. Any yarn ordered in 2006, but delivered in 2007 does not count.

7. Purchasing extra skeins to finish a project to destash does not count. We want to finish.

8. My STR club does not count. I registered in 2006.

Hmmm. I think the above are all the rules. Loopholes are always needed for yarn diets and weight loss. For those who don't realize the amount of yarn purchase. Hmmm. at least 8 skeins of sock yarn. 3 vests. 3 shawl worths. 3 sweaters worth. Oh yeah this accounting does not include the NC fiber festival, Stitches Midwest and Camp Stitches. And those yarn purchases are exponential increased la stash. I may be the subject of some good nature fun on Thursday at a certain knitting group in KS. I need to suck it up if I would like to move into a house in April.

Holly-congrats on the baby.
Chris -glad you made it to MT.
Lynn thanks for the smores.
Everyone else take care and let me know your knitting resolutions. I know mine and I am attempting to suck some other people (client) into Yarn Diet 2007. Do you want to play?


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