Thursday, January 04, 2007


I guess Yarn Diet 2007 loopholes have left my tiny but loyal readership thinking I am a crackpot. No comments and no joiners. Yes you are wimps. I even told about a portion of the stash acquired since my migration East.

This week at work has felt like I have accomplished nothing. Today was a crisis about a piece of equipment for a project. I think I am right and am disappointed in the designers and the lead. They did not check my information.

On Sunday I leave for Columbia again. I hope this trip is my last to SC for awhile. I do get to go to training in College Station, TX. It will be good to return to Big 12 land.

I am still knitting on the socks for the brother. Once those are finished I need to start his sweater. Yes I purchased the yarn in 2007.

See ya probably next weekend in blogland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

It was good to see you last week at No Idle Hands.

I am sort of on a yarn diet. My problem to committing to your rules are as follows:

1. I want to knit a bunch of washcloths, but have no cotton in my stash. This could possibly/partially fall under gift giving because I am thinking that I will give dishcloth sets for Christmas this year.

2. I have not decided about the STR Sock Club, but am leaning toward it. Can it fall under the "ordered in 2006, delivered in 2007" category, since I have a pre-reg number for it?

3. If my reasoning for exceptions above does not pan out then I would use the only two "Molly Mulligans" in the first week of the year. No one can make it 51 weeks without buying non-essential yarn.

Have good time on your trips even if they are for work.


12:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The Club falls under #8 of the rules. If you purchase sugar-n-cream using a Joann's sale thing then that falls under the LYS sales rule. How is that for finding loopholes.


2:59 PM  
Anonymous Lynn said...

Okay, then I guess I am in -- for now. I don't know how well I will do. Will I be able to buy yarn on the yarn crawls -- this is not a shop sale, but we usually get a 20% discount? Haven't paid for my STR sock club yet. Their site is not accepting orders. I will try to call them tomorrow.

Hope your trip isn't too much.


8:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you out there somewhere in blogland? It's been over a month since we heard from you.

Got an e-mail from BMF that the first sock kit will begin mailing the week of Feb. 26. Did you get signed up?


10:22 PM  

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