Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Okay, inquiring minds want to know about the steak. Here is the history of steak and Mary on Thanksgiving. Last year after the turdbutt break up, I did not feel like going anywhere or being nice to people at their house. Don't get me wrong. I appreciated the invitations from my brother and Lucy, but I just did not want to be around people. In the past, I have fixed all the stuff for Thanksgiving dinner and did it very well. The only major item that was not done correctly was the cranberry in the can. Okay I admit to it that I am not fond of cranberries. So I decided to have steak last year. I enjoyed myself and relaxed. This year I am planning the same thing. I have a steak. (I miss KC just for the grocery stores. I bought the steak at Wal-Mart. I think that says enough about the quality of the grocery stores here. In KC I would walk up to the meat counter and pick my steak out from a butcher.) I will grill the steak using my grillpan, saute some mushrooms, make a salad, and have some wine. I will be thankful of my friends and my new job. Whether or not I have turkey, stuffing, etc. does not matter to me. Good thoughts matter to me. (I did receive an invite from a co-worker to go to his house with his wife, kids and in-laws. I know that I work in a great place.)

Everything knitting is going along. I hope to make some progress on the Christmas gift front. I also plan this weekend to go to Asheville, NC to shop and look. It is supposed to be a cool town. My mom is probably going to visit this next summer and I am thinking we will go there, because Biltmore Estate is there, which is the ancestoral home of the Vanderbilts. I think she will like a visit. Otherwise we are going tacky and doing Dollywood.

Oh on the work front, I do have a couple of projects. I think that I may be impressing my mentor with my determination on one piece of equipment. It is a little difficult. I know that I will have lots of work next week which is good. I also am helping another engineer to present data in a better format. (I do data massaging!!) I do like the fact that my 3rd week of work is only 3 days.

I pray that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Remember to be thankful for at least one thing even if it is this wee blog.


Blogger LilacNell said...

that steak sounds tasty. I'd like to go to Dollywood; I really like her. She seems so sweet.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

From what I hear, Dollywood is really fun.

My aunt and uncle do a steak tenderloin every year at Christmas, so don't think you are weird. I miss good steak. :(

12:04 PM  

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