Monday, November 28, 2005

Need the Weekend

Geez after a 4 day weekend. I could use another one. Getting up this morning was kind of painful. I am sure several of my rowdy readers will agree.

Events of this past weekend: My washer and dryer arrived. The lousy service people did not know what to do with the hose that would not go into the drain hole. It did not fit due to the end. Later on in the weekend, I see that they ripped off the tag from the hose and did not read it. It said to cut it if necessary. I did this before finding the tag, but after going to Lowe's and Sears. I have a service tech coming out from Sears for free this Friday. I am going to make him level the washer, because I don't think the idiots did that either.

I went to Asheville, NC for on Saturday. It was really neat. The yarn store is probably the best one I have found. It is a gorgeous drive and I will be returning there very soon. I tried to go to the mall there, but chickened out once I saw the parking lot. It was packed.

Finally, I knitted and knitted. What I won't say due to potential readership. I don't want to spoil the surprise. I must keep knitting and now return to my knitting. I will write more later in the week.


Blogger LilacNell said...

it's always hard going back to work after a long weekend.

9:41 AM  

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