Sunday, August 06, 2006


Well, here is an update. Be careful what you wish for Lynn!

When I returned to KC last August from a trip to NJ for an interview, I had a major pain in my right side. Knowing my mother, I figured it was my gall bladder. So when I went for my female yearly with the dr, I requested an ultrasound. I had my first one three Fridays ago. My instructions stated no food, no gum, and no smoking. It didn't say anything about no water. Needless to say my gall bladder was contracted. So I had a re-scan the next Friday. Then I ate at this REALLY GREASY hamburger joint here in Kingsport. Finished Lunch just after noon. 2:30pm: Attack happened. It keep going so a little after 8pm I prepare myself for hospital. Except I prayed to the porcelian god. Had a little something at 11pm because I knew I had to keep my strength up. That Saturday, I go to Abingdon, VA for an antiques, crafts and fiber festival. Local yarn shop had a booth and she supposedly did a good business. Finally at 2pm, I had a chicken salad crossiant with chips. Driving home I feel another attack. So I just drive to the hospital where I had my ultrasound. The er asks if I have someone to pick me up. I call a knitting friend. ER gives me painkillers through an IV needle and raises the rails on the bed. Needless to say I felt sick before this and tried to communicate this fact to the er. But did they heed my warning: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Up and over the rail I lift me head and VOMIT ON THE FLOOR OF THE ER room. It is their fault! ER dr says contact a family physician. Sunday I take it easy. I saw a dr on Tuesday. He schedules me for a functional gall bladder test. I had an appointment Thursday morning for this. But nothing collected in my gall bladder. I was there from 8am to 11am. I had a call this past Friday from my family dr. My bile duct is blocked. I will have a call from the surgeon. On top of this, my yearly female came back abnormal and I am to have another test there. I am a MESS!!!!!

On Stitches front, I am trying to decide what to take. Socks and an easy knit. Client and I are trying to figure out the number of wine bottles to take. Any advice???


Anonymous Lynn said...


I am sorry to hear that you have been having health problems, but it sounds like you are getting it taken care of. I did go through something similar in my 20's. I took medication for a while and then it seemed to straighten itself out. I hope it is the same for you.

As far as wine for Stitches -- that depends. Are you flying or driving. I would think there would be plenty of liquor stores near the convention center. On the other hand, those bottles would make great space savers for your yarn purchases. Speaking of purchases, when I go to knitting conventions, I try to limit my purchases to things that I cannot get at home and extremely good bargains on things I would otherwise be able to get at home.

Tell the client we said hi. If she is in KC, tell her to give us a call. We are all still sad that we didn't get to tell her goodbye.


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