Sunday, February 18, 2007

Work and Arizona

Well I have been extremely busy with work. I had trips with that big project and a study job estimate to generate. I still have not had two weeks in a row at the office without a trip since about the third week in October. It definitely has been an interesting experience. My boss did ask if anyone wanted to go to the Netherlands for 6 monthes to 1 year. I am jumping at it. The job would get me close in touch with a plant and I would LOVE to travel Europe. Since I last posted, I also did a trip to Texas for training. On Friday night the girl that I was with, myself and her best friend from college went out dancing in Houston. Some of the Houston's girl's guy friends came too. One inquired if I graduated college with the other two girls. I said you think that I am their age. He said yes. So I kissed him. Hey he put me 12 years younger than I actually am. What was I supposed to do? I had a great time dancing and oh yeah the training was really cool too.

I did go visit the client in Arizona. The weather was wonderful and we drove in her convertible. Unforturnately, Bruno was not able to come home. Please note this was a convention, because I only go to Arizona every 1 1/2 years. So off the diet I came. I purchased some kid silk haze to kint an Edwardian wrap from Heirloom Knitting. Some variegated wool lace and some silk yarn made by Habu. Then I purchased some Austermann sock yarn because I have not knitted with it yet. Then some Blue Heron Egyptian Cotton which I plan to knit Manita Magic from the Best of Shawls and Scarves by XRX. Then we hit the mother lode of lace knitting stores. They actually do a lot of weaving, but some of the yarn could be used for lace. I purchased some tencel on a cone (3,360yards) and some 20/2 cotton which I plan to knit the Wedding Ring shawl from Heirloom. I also purchased a pendant, a three toned bracelet, a necklace and three knitting books which were 40% off.

We had great food and knitted on the cap shawl from Victorian Lace. I am on Row 86 and I have to make it to Row 167 to finish. Then onto the border. The plan is to have this finished by the time we hook up in Denver for the lace knitting conference. The client is great and enjoying Arizona. Her puppy is 118lbs (Great Dane). He likes to go in between people's legs to get his back right about the tail scratched. I could not do this trick, because by puppy standards I am too short. I also had my feet massaged with a male's tongue. Of course, it was said puppy. Finally I wanted to return to Arizona after arriving home to drive in 2 inches of snow 90 miles because I flew out of Knoxville instead of the Tri-Cities.

Oh yeah the guy in England is an American on assignment over there for a while. I met him before going but it was only recently that I have been e-mailing him trying to get him to travel Europe. He did say that I shamed him into going to Prague.


Anonymous Lynn said...

Sounds like things are going wellyou, even if rather hectic. YOur possible work assignment sounds exciting. Hope you get it.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to live in Europe for another year; how cool!

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How are you doing. Did you get your STR sock club package yet. I just got mine. I really like the yarn color. Are you still traveling alot? Wish you could make it for the Guild Knit-In this weekend.


1:12 PM  

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