Monday, June 19, 2006


Crawlin' Yes indeed Crawlin' Oh my me.

As my friends in KC were performing their KS yarn crawl. This little knitter was doing an Appalachian Crawl. How did they differ do you ask?

1. Only two knitters went on this one compared to several knitters on the other (usually 10-20 people on the other).

2. No discounts. Don't even think about teasing me with yours. I had to hit sale bins.

3. Hillbillies were seen. Please note they had teeth missing. And no I did not make out with any. YUCK!!!!

4. Our fearless knitter is sunburned from the convertible Mazada Miata.

5. The LYS was not one of the stops.

6. New yarn shops were found and new yarn was discovered.

7. Two beers accompanied lunch. Sorry I refuse to eat at a pizza joint where their Lawrence location had a maggot coming out of the parmesan. The client says it is in the flour. I thought I had told several of you.

8. Singing was involved. Don't ask.

9. The client was called about some Bobbin Lace books and a Japanese Embroidery book. See even though I am across the country, I still try to uphold the duties of a yarn agent.

10. It all started with not a trip to a yarn store, but with a rhodendron festival. Soap and a lovely illustrated picture were purchased. But no rhodendrons were viewed. Hey I had too much other important stuff to attend to like yarn shopping. Geez.

Love ya all.

P.S. I submitted one application and started talks with a local college for an MS in Chemistry.


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