Sunday, June 11, 2006


Well camp stitches was awesome. I knitted a tiny Orenburg lace shawl. About 2500 stitches. I learned how to do Russian grafting and a different bindoff. I really liked the grafting and am considering doing it instead of kitchner stitch but I do worry about trying it at the end. Unfortunately my teacher lost her voice the second day. I felt bad for her, because she could not enjoy herself.

I did see Cindy of the Studio at camp. It was nice to see someone from KC. I meet two fun women from Michigan. They made my class a hoot. I also became friendly with some women from VA and two sisters from Ontario. The sisters roadtripped down. All in all most people were okay. They was one from SC who I did not care for and I had originally thought was a better knitter than she ended up being.

Did we make any purchases? Of course my faithful readers. I purchased 2600 yards of blued Superlamb lace weight, 800 yards of an orange lace weight, and some handdyed sock yarn which reminds me of fall colors. I also purchased Beth Brown-Reislen's Gansey book and a couple of Candace Eisner-Strick patterns. I was exposed to several instructors and hope to take classes from Candace, Judy Pascale, and Maureen Mason-Jamieson in the future. Lily Chin was there, but she did not impress me and actually I thought she was stuck up.

Work is getting busy. I have decided to start searching for either a lab manager position or a teaching position at a college. There are a couple of opportunities out there - Poplar Bluff and NC. I really have stressed myself out about the current job. I am not as healthy as I was this past fall. I have gained probably 20-30 pounds and am not sleeping well. I think back to why I really returned to this profession. The reasons were benefits and money. These items are important, but I did not give finding an academic position an opportunity. I am happier helping people than being in a cubicle. I do not want to return to a plant here. I have reasons which I do not think are wise to post.

I am still working on several knitted items and I will try posting during the week.


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