Sunday, May 21, 2006

10 Days

Well I am a knitting fiend. I have finsished the back on the sleeveless sweater. I am almost completed the neckline on the side to side sweater. I am obtaining smaller number of rows for this sweater so it is slow going.

Mom had her surgery on Monday and was home on Wednesday. She is doing well and says she is sleeping better.

Today, I went for a car trip which included driving through a state park and looking at some neighborhoods. I hopefully will contact a real estate agent soon for purchasing house purposes. I am looking for a 3bedroom 2 car garage house. I am stunned at the number of houses with carports. I do not want a carport.

Work is going well. I really enjoyed the class last week and was able to meet some new people.

10 days until I drive to North Carolina. I can't wait. I only have seven days of work. Everyone have a good week.


Anonymous Chris said...

Have a great time in NC! The beaches there are fantastic!

Nell and I are going to the sheep show, and while it will be great, there will be a little someone missing. :( I'll make sure to take plenty of pics!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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