Sunday, September 09, 2007


Well folks. We had a great trip to Copenhagen. Do not ask about getting to the airport. All I have to say is that I made my plane. I saw so much: Tivoli, Little Mermaid, NY Carlsberg Museum, Roundtain, Jen's Clock, Stroetgrat (pedestrian mall), Royal Copenhagen. And the best part my friends: SOMMERFLUGEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spent about an hour. I refuse even under the threat of death to say how much I spent. But I did send a Falkenberg kit back to the States for me. Why did she not take it with her? Well we kind of have some knitting to do her in the Netherlands and I thought it would be a good memory to think about while I knit it back in TN. I ate a wee bit of Dutch food and shopped a wee bit too. I do have some foot problems from the cobblestones. My arch hurts.

I am in the second of the three apartments that I will have in the Nehterlands. This has to do with in the end trying to save money for the company. Site manage is a goof. I am sorry but if the mattress in the apartment you stayed in is so bad that you have to move other mattresses on top, WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU THINK THAT THE APARTMENT IS GOOD???? This goes back to me growing up and being bite by a couple of mattress springs. If you have not had this experience, count yourself lucky. I will be talking to the boss about this situation and will be mentioning it to the other boss. I ended up purchasing some towels, because what was there is totally yucky. I am sorry beach towels for showering. I am not in grad school. I will purchase some sheets and a couple of other items. The boss's boss will be told that they will ship this back to me. It kind of is hard to tell the site manager no, but if they ask about extending the lease on the place I will tell them in no uncertain terms that I do not appreciate white trailer trash furnishings. Okay I might be a little spoiled where I am at currently.


Blogger Lilac Nell's said...

Sommerfuglen looks awesome; I wish I could visit!

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Kama said...

Clean linens are a must!

9:01 PM  

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