Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well I am settled into the apartment and everything is going well. I have discovered wi-fi at the local bookstore is free. So I came here and have been researching trips. I have a feeling that they will get to know me really well. I am a little overwhelmed on where to visit first. But I think I will be making a trip to Amsterdam very soon. I also am considering Luxemburg City in August. I know I will be going to either Venice or hiking the Italian Alps in September at the European stich and bitch with the client. Then a weekend in Paris. Paris is only about 3-4 hours by train. Then maybe a week in November going to Greece. Also we have Austria for Christmas. Hmmm but we still have vacation. Maybe a long weekend in Rome or Prague. Come on friends help me plan. Of course these trips are for this year, we still have next ear to plan too.

Work is starting and I will be going great guns there soon. They use a lot of contractors and that has to be expensive too. So I do not feel so bad about all the expenses for me.

Last weekend I took the car out to the streets on Sunday. This was after I had practiced starting and stopping in the plant's parking lot. I guess the operators were watching me because the team coach came out and asked me what I was doing. I was a little embarrassed. Oh well that is life. Tomorrow more practice and then we face traffic.

I also had a nice mishap with the European washing machine. The landlord forgot to remove the tub stops that help stabilize the tub during transport. Needless to say it took me 5 hours to do one load of laundry.

Everyone here is nice, but a lot are going on holiday. I think the average is like 3 weeks they are going to be gone. Hey that is the whole of my American vacation. I think I started on the wrong side of the ocean.

Oh yeah English update: he has been in the states. So no real communication, but we are still so working on it. I am wearing him down. Two pictures of flowers have shown up in my e-mail. Progress I say!

Now I need to eat my white asparagus soup.
P.S. if you want to stay in touch and do not have my work e-mail please understand that I had to limit the number of people that I could give it to. Leave me comments here and I will try to work on it. Also any advice about uploading pictures would be appreciated and I will post a couple.


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