Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still in Limbo

Yeah! I still do not know a leave date for the Netherlands. I wish it would arrive soon. I have been waiting a good two monthes on this subject. I know that I provided everything necessary, but it is red tape.

Mother's Day was alright. I had a friend invite me over for lunch which was really nice. This weekend has been difficult due to that time of the month. I dislike raging hormones don't you?

Kniting wise things have been chugging along. I finished a shapely shawlette. The pattern is by Judy Pascle. The yarn is a lovely color of peach silk that the client gave to me last year for birthday. Gotta love the client. I am on repeat 6 out of 9 to attach the border on my red shawl. I am pondering starting something new. I have the itch. You all know that itch. I want to work on something else itch!!!

Work is going alright. I am actually going to meet my Netherlands boss on Tuesday. Should be interesting. Oh well I really need get to shredding some documents. I am paranoid about someone breaking in and here I am with all these documents that I don't need anymore. Come on who needs 13 year old credit card bills? Not me.

Take care all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you still need time to get everything in order. I am sure that when you get the word, you will be ready - in every way.

Keep on keeping on!!!


9:37 PM  

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