Sunday, October 28, 2007

Funky Mood

I am in a definite funky mood especially with work. I am used to documenting everything and my boss here wants things with just the bare necessities. It is different than I had been used to doing, but I am going to try and adapt. At the same time, it appears every project is political, which I do not do well. It really is not part of my makeup. I will stand up to people but I do not like to do stuff too sneaky.

On the front of being too sneaky, I need to own up to a cryptic message that I posted last time. The married guy has separated from his wife. He came visiting last month. He cleaned my toilets. I know some are going girl what are you thinking, but I decided if he was free and did it for him and his son then I could get to know him. Well last weekend, your girl went to visit him. I had a great time. He scoped out a yarn shop and I saw a person fly fishing. He also attempted to cook me chicken fried steak, which was really good. I do like him. He is domesticated.

But I am scared. He reminds me of the ex-boyfriend. I know several of you are still going what about scarf guy. I was a wee bit thinking and went to visit while scarf was in San Diego. Scarf reminds me of my ex-hubby. But from what scarf has indicated I ponder if he really knows how to treat people. Why can't I locate a guy who has the good traits of both. Aaargh.

Oh well I do hope my friends realize I am trying to be happy, but with me it never is simple.

On to the knitting front: Still working on red shawl. I have to be in a good mindset to work on this project. I also started a Cotton Slip-Stitch pullover from a Nancie Wiseman book. Client had to help me figure out the ribbing. I am almost to the armhole on the back with about 2 weeks of knitting into it. Good for me.

Ipod questions: if you have your ipod synched to more than one computer than only the items that you purchase from the ipod store show up. How do you upload from the ipod to a new computer the music you add to your ipod from CDs? Also if you purchase movies is it only 24 hours or can you watch them endlessly? Same question for books. I am trying to not get too depressed. I am definitely glad I have purchased my Ipod, my computer, and my camera.

It is getting gray here. I am looking forward to more trips, which will hopefully bring more sunshine. At least one will bring me the pink one!!!


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