Sunday, October 14, 2007



I know it has been awhile and my loyal friends are awaiting a report about the lovely client. So here we go:

Took Wednsaday off. Flew to Bologna where the client and her brother-in-law meet me at the airport. Ate dinner at the brother-in-law. Very good food and friendly. Stayed up talking with the client and catching up. They have a lovely home in Cento. Did I take pictures? Nope I thought it would be rude. Needless to say thought I am happy to report that the client does live in the comfort she deserves while in Italy.

Thursday - Went to Market in Centro. Very nice. It did rain a wee bit, but where was the client and I? In her local Italian yarn store of course. Okay folks! That is a yarn store. Prices were decent and the owner was very knowledgable. What did I purchase? Enough yarn for a short-sleeve sweater, 2 scaves worth and 2 shawls worth. Ummm you all know that yarn is stuffable right? In the afternoon, we watched movies and knitted like hell!!! What more could a girl asked for? Well for dinner the Brother-in-law and sister-in-law went with us to dinner at the oldest restaurant in Cento. Delicious. I hag tagentalle with a meat sauce and ate off a meat platter. Sausage was excellent.

Friday- Arose early and was driven to train station. Rita, client's stepdaughter, came with us. To where? Why Venice of course. We arrived and started to walk. I was told that the raised planks on the street was not a good sign. Well we were trying to locate our hotel we passed San Marco's square. We attempted to catch a look at the square, but it was kind of flooded. People were putting on these knee-high yellow boots to wade it. Us being the smart females that we are continued to hunt the hotel. Located hotel. Great spot. Ate lunch and started window shopping. We went to the Point al Realto. I have never bridged shop before but it was an experience. Did not really purchase anything. Then we were deciding on what to do next. And I said let's attempt San Marco. By this time of the day, it had dried up. Kind of weird if you ask me. But the shops and the buildings around the square were magnificient. Had a drink and called Bruno who deserted us. We did have a decent dinner.

Saturday - We woke up. Took a water taxi to the Isle of Murano. The first glass place gave a crappy demonstratation and we did not purchase anything. Cheesy salesman. But we did purchase glass for the two older brothers. Awaiting to here if they have received them. I know my package has made it to Kingsport. I did purchase a glass necklace, an ornament, and a pair of leather gloves (it gets cold in the Netherlands). Then we returned to Cento.

Sunday - We went to Florence with Rita and Guiberto (her boyfriend). We walked and I took tons of pictures. We ended up on a bridge withtons of jewelry. Decided to have a before lunch drink. There were tons of wine bottles around. Asked and wouldn't you know there was a winetasting event. Did we participate? Of course. Then we went for lunch. We had Florentian steaks which are thick T-bones and excellent!!! Best steak I have had since leaving KC. For dessert we took biscotti and soaked it in a dessert wine. YUM!

Monday - Flew back to the Netherlands and rain.

Work wise - making slow progress. I am becoming friends with the site manager's 18 yr old daughter who is taking a year off before college. We went to Antwerp yesterday and I bought a top and some yarn (yeah we located a yarnshop). Had a good time.

I am currently doing alright. I am planning my trip to Barcelona in early Dec. with the pink one. Work is giving me a free trip and I wanted someone who did not have attachments. So pink does not have any SO or stuff and the dog can be taken care of by mom.

I will update the picture website soon. It just is I enjoy relaxing at home.

Miss ya all tons.

Oh and the married guy is separated.


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