Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Traveling We Go

Well I will try to keep the blog up-to-date, but pretty soon I will be traveling every weekend. It starts on Thanksgiving weekend with Rome. My friends know that I use Thanksgiving to reflect on the last year in my life and it definitely has been an eventful year for your girl.

This weekend though I will be going to Leeds to visit the Brit. Otherwise I would not see him until the 29th of December. Have I mentioned that I like him?

Okay so here is or itenary:

Thanksgiving weekend - Rome
Dec 2- Barcelona (pink!!!)
Dec 8 -Return from Barcelona
Dec 15 - Brussels with the employee social club
Dec 22 - Athens
Dec 29 - Return from Athens and the Brit meets me at the airport
Jan. 5 - Brit leaves for home

The Brit will be spending a week with me. My place should be really clean and he is talking about cooking maybe I will get chicken fried steak again. The client wants a picture of him. He wants me to spend a week in the spring in Scotland. I am sorely tempted to do it, because I would like a relaxing week in the country. Imagine the knitting I could get done and the yarn shop possibilities. Hmmmm.

Oh well work is progressing. Knitting is going well. I am above the armholes on my sweater. I need to knit the Brit a scarf. Oh yeah Peter knows about Gary.

I will keep posting my pictures. Italy and the English Lake District are on the website. Remember to share them. And are my comments working?


Anonymous Christina said...

They are working! I have been too entirely jealous to comment. :)

I'd always go with the brit accent guy, but it is your life to live.

It's funny, Ben and I have been talking about what we are going to do when the kids are grown, since we aren't having anymore that God doesn't surpass a vasectomy to obtain, and I instantly expressed the wish to live in Scotland. Out in the country somewhere, in an old fireplace ridden home. If you live in Europe you can take a train anywhere, and I can see Athens and Rome and Barcelona. *sigh*

Can you see why I am jealous?! I wish I could come visit, and am glad to see that you are doing well. :)


11:53 PM  

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