Saturday, January 19, 2008


The first weekend in December I traveled to Barcelona. I had the site manager's daughter Melissa along with me. I told her if for some reason I did not make the plane due to the fact I had a free ticket from my the points that my credit card gives to look for pink suitcases. She thought I was nuts until guess who was waiting in the arrival hall with pink suitcases but Kama herself!!!! Melissa was stunned.

We located our apartment and then went to Los Rambalas which is a pedestrian mall where I purchased some jewelry a nice ring and a bracelet that I need to fix already. The tourist sites that we saw where:

La Sagrida de Familia - Gaudi's Cathedral. It will not be finished for another 50 years. We were able to take an elevator up to the top and walk among the spires. I would like to return when it is finished but i will be 86 at the time. So we will have to wait and see.

Gaudi's Parc - This was an awesome park and for those fans of Gaudi this place has the lizard. Clubby was a star here and got to pose with two very nice ladies.

Chocolate Museum - Well chocolate did come from the new world. And with Kama and myself on the trip you know we had to go. Some of the sculptures were amazing.

Picasso Museum - This housed some of his earliest art work, but it was interseting to see how he broke down paintings and his progression of painting in his life.

Tibadabo - This hill stands over Barcelona. It has a church built on top of another church. Plus, an old amusement park is located on the hill. Part of the trip to the top of the hill was via the last surviving tram in Barcelona.

The Beach - I enjoyed walking in the Mediterrean as did pink one. It was beautiful to see.

Most of the days were sunny and highs in the 60s. It was the weather I needed due to the Netherelands is really cloudy in the winter.

The shopping was great. We went to one store called Rituals which is a like a bath/indulgence store. Let's just say major shopping was done by all. The only problem I have with most stores is that they don't fit the current fluffy frame.

The food was good too. Nothing was expensive except the Cheese Me place which specialized in cheese dishes that were very good and very rich. We did eat tapas and paella. I did locate a couple of beers to try. Kama and I did enjoy some pitchers of sangria. I still like the white one at the mall the best.

Oh we did go dancing, but the three ladies decided that bit of Barcelona stays in Barcelona!!! But here are a couple of pictures for my friends:

I will try and write about Brussels soon and then Athens. I am going to try and go through my pics on Athens this weekend. It is really windy here so besides going to the grocery store. It is a stay at home weekend. But next weekend is Prague. More talk about my costs are going around so I figure I better travel while I can.


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