Sunday, January 13, 2008

Results of Traveling

Okay the last post was kind of blue, but I needed an outlet and I figure my friends know me well enough to realize this fact. Do I still miss the guy? Well, to be honest I determined that I was kind of using him for the loneliness and isolation. I know BAD MARY. In the end, he was more of a drama queen than me and he does not have his life together. He has some major debt, but he did not get my money. I wish him the best but I want something more out of a relationship. Can scarf man give me that? I do not know, but I will maintain the flirty e-mails.

Now onto the start of my travel diaries. Rome seems so long ago but that trip was less than 2 monthes in the past. Rome is a huge city. I spent the money and stayed at my best hotel in Europe there. My first morning in Rome I met a nice Canadian woman who had just upped and decided a 3 week trip to Italy was necessary. I liked it. We walked throughout the morning together and I climbed the Spanish steps with her for the first time. I spent alot of time walking, but here are my thoughts about the sites:

Spanish steps - man they help you work off the calories.
Trivi Fountain - better at night but client was correct kind of a let down. I think it has to do with the surrounding buildings of the fountain. I did locate a place about 2 blocks away to have the traditional Thanksgiving steak.
Victor Emmanuel Moneument - Really impressive. But again this site bets a stepper in the gym any day.
The Forum - I thought about the progression democracy has come since the days of the Roman. And some about the status of the world today. I wonder have we really progressed?
Pallantine Hill - Great views of the Forum and Rome
The Colisseum - Awesome. Clubbie had a great time. Hint: Go to Palantine Hill to purchase your ticket. They are good at both places but same day entrance.
Pantheon- I did not know the whole history of this building. It was used in Pre-Christian days and is now a church.

I ended up paying a wee bit extra for a tour in English at the Vatican, but I can help almost anyone now. It was kind of worth it to hear some of the history etc.
Vatican Museum - Did not get to spend enough time, but I heard a lot of history quickly.
Sistine Chapel - I was amazed. It is a true wonder. But due to winter hours had to leave a wee bit early. I probably would not have seen it if it had not been for the tour.
Tombs of the Popes - I thought this was very solemn. I was very moved to see Pope John Paul II and where Saint Peter's bones are buried.
St. Peter's Basilica - I can't put into words my feelings. This to me is the heart of my church.
St. Peter's Square - I have seen it on television but it is totally different to see in real life.

Foodwise - I was not that impressed, but this may come from one dinner. I took a tour of Rome and night with dinner. The dinner sucked!!! Do the night tour but skip the dinner. I did this with the Canadian woman using a tour bus. I was glad to see items at night. I had not planned this due to traveling alone.

Will I return to Rome? Probably not. I saw the sites. I enjoyed the history, but there are places that really fill you up. Venice is it for me. This may have to do with traveling with the client and having fun shopping. Do I suggest going to Rome? Yes. Why? The sites. You see one of the pillars of the starte for Western Civilization and you see one of the major driving forces that has brought Christainity to multitudes. Even if you are not Catholic, I think you should realize that it was the one of the reasons for so many different churches and have influenced other churches even if it was to separate. Do I like everything that has happened in the church or all the church policies? NO! But I can pray it will change for the better. Just like with a soul you are trying to save or a friend you are praying about in a hard time, you have to pray for the betterment.

I will talk about Barcelona in the next post. I am still biking to work and I am feeling the rigors of not having biked in a month.


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