Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Well, I had an opportunity to visit Brussels with the site's social club. We went on buses leaving from the site. I was sitting in back and one of the coordinators did not see me. So, we waited an extra 10 minutes. The trip was less than $10 for the bus.

After about a 2 hour trip, we arrived in Brussels. It was advertised as going for the Christmas market. The market was okay. The hot wine was good to warm me up. I bought a couple things at the market. Another glass ornament and an elephant for the lady watching my apartment who graduated from 'Bama.

I did see the cutest carosels. It was just horses but lots of bizarre animals with moving parts. Hard to describe. I also saw an interesting Russian Orthodox exhibit at a church. Drank a beer while watching kids smack into walls at the ice rink.

I did some other shopping. I purchased chocolate trees for the secretaries who help me at work. I also bought a new wallet from Longchamp. Nice wallet. The Coach one unfortunately has a bad habit of losing coins.

Finally, while drinking a different beer at a different place, I heard music. I saw these people bungee dance off the side of one of the historic buildings. Kind of neat.

All in all a good day was had.


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