Sunday, March 12, 2006


Well, I finally went fishing here in TN. It is different than the other places that I have fly fished. It is very muddy due to the tailwater situation. Also the banks are really high. It made short little me nervous. I can not scale these banks in my waders. If I had a boat, I could float the rivers even when there is no generators running. It will take time. I had no bites, but trout fishing is an art form for me. I think that is one of reasons why I enjoy it so much. I will be a participant in a fly casting class which may improve my skill. Of course I am more than willing to have a friend's certain brother teach me.

Yesterday, I met a lady from Townsend Sock Knitters group. Yes Lynn I joined it. We met at a Barnes and Noble in Johnson City. It was nice to talk to another knitter. We hope to meet again, but with summer hitting I am trying to plan some more stuff.

Next Saturday, there is a fibers show and sale at a state historic area. I visited the area last weekend. I don't know if it will only be weaving, but I might find some nice placemats or something. The flyer does say fibers and yarn for sale.

Work is going fine. I hope to finish a couple projects within the next two weeks. I am trying to ignore people who irritate me and concentrate on me. I would hate to move my cubicle, because there is a nice lady across the aisle from me. She is fun to talk to.

Alert the media: I have made progress on the knitting front. The vest needs to be blocked and then the edgings (armhole and button band) have to be added. I may finish this project before the client. I may get fired for this one. Hmmm something tells me that I know several people who would volunteer to take my job.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Eighty days to Camp Stitches.

I don't know if springtime is hitting KC. But I can see a Bradford pear blooming from my window. I do miss the redbuds. I wonder if I will see magnolias.


Anonymous Lynn said...

Glad you joined the Townsend sock knitters group. I saw the ladies request for members near there and thought about you. Now when I post comments, I will know a real time friend is reading too.

Yes, Springtime has hit. It has been nice this week. Today, we had severe weather warnings. We have been to the basement twice. The Sedalia, MO area was hit with a tornado this afternoon. Don't know how badly. Of course, it is spring break this week, so I am sure the temps will drop and the kids will be stuck inside.

Glad you are finally getting to do some fishing and back to the knitting needles.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous Nell said...

fly fishing sounds fun, was it dry or wet fly?

9:42 AM  
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