Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Okay, only pink lady semi-confessed about having several projects on the needles. SO THE REST OF YOU ARE WIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bared my knitting bags to you, but you withheld information. What is a girl to do??

Fly tying class has been going good. I will return to that shop to purchase a rod and fill out some of my tying needs. Discounts are always fun. I may also purchase some Merrill shoes.

Today's weather has been beautiful. This is when I really miss plant work. Because I could always make an excuse to go outside. I am on the top floor of a building and it has been a sauna. Work has dragged on!!

I am working on the back of the vest, but it has been slow. I arrive at work at 7am and if I am at home by 5:30pm I am lucky. I am slowly adjusting to the schedule.

Work has been frustrating because I am concerned with some issues. Like for a project, do I have to call a plant and verify some numbers that another member gives me or writes down somewhere. I plan to talk with my mentor this week. I want to get a feel for good techniques compared to bad techniques. Everything starts somewhere, but I know of four items that I have encountered which I believe another person should have caught. Of course, I have to shrug this situation off and continue being a good engineer. I also think that I realize these issues will help me as I continue in the company, but I do need to gauge the expectations of different roles. I have a feeling that I could be filling these roles in the future. Maybe I worry too much, but I want to do a good job.

Oh and Nell - Update your blog too. I hope my friends are doing good.


Anonymous Nell said...

I'm doing well, it is much more fun to read your blog than to update mine. I've been spending so much time posting yarn, I haven't even wanted to open my blog.

10:02 AM  

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