Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break

Right now, I am missing teaching a great deal. Why? Well, Spring Break allowed me to wind down and energize myself for the remainder of the semester.

The money is great in this job, but the stress hurts. I think this is the reason for me leaving it in the first place. I do plan to return to teaching. When? At least after an early retirement, but I do keep my eye open for teaching positions in the community college.

I have been reading a book by Max Lucado and it definitely has me convinced that my sweet spot is teaching community college. This journey has been alot of soul searching. Of course this could be why I was so interested in the Idaho job. I just wish that I had interviewed better.

On the knitting front, I need to knit the arm and button bands of the vest. Yes. I also am making great progress on a baby gift for long time friend (over 15 years and it is Jahna's).

I think not having close close friends here has been making it hard for me, but everytime I feel down a good friend calls or e-mails. It makes me appreciate everyone.

P.S. My bracket sucks for the tournament.


Anonymous Lynn said...

Will you be returning for the Knitting in the Heartland? You don't have to tell your Mother you are going to be in town.


9:15 PM  

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