Sunday, February 19, 2006


On Saturday morning, I woke up to snow. It snowed almost all day. We had several inches and it stuck to the grass. Today, the snow is still there. While I have enjoyed watching the snow, I have been a little disappointed, because there are a couple of day trips that I would like to take on the weekends. Say Bass Pro Shop just north of Knoxville. I also heard that there is an Orvis shop nearby the Bass Pro. Orvis is good for fishing, but I love their clothes. They seem to fit my personality. Hopefully next weekend I can take my road trip.

Work is going well. I was able to finish the items that I had to have completed. Now on to something completely different. I am actually enjoying work. I think it has to do with having a variety of projects. I still need to finish a program for reading some files.

I am almost finished with my other front of the vest. I really like it. I was going through my knitting bags and discovered that I have over 11 projects on the needles in some sort of fashion. Come on my faithful knitting readers, fess up. How many projects can you think of while reading this blog? I was honest. Oh Lucy, get the palm pilot out!! I seem to remember taking that in hand and several knitters guessing at a table say on a Thursday night. Hmmm. This event could have played a factor with you all calling me Bad Mary after 40 Days of Purpose. Memories.

Anyways, one of the projects that I am really enjoying is the Socks That Rock yarn. It is yummy. Lovely Willie purchased it for me. I really like the yarn. I will probably purcahse some more when my sock yarn starts to decrease. This could be a long time, but I enjoy it and this hobby/addiction has kept me sane even if I am a slow knitter and I have tons of sock yarn.

On the guy front, I was talking with one co-worker and asked about single guys on the floor. He mentioned the one that invited me to church. I said he was nice. Well the co-worker mentioned it to another guy on the floor, and the other guy said the church guy would be a minnow. I guess they think that I have a forceful personality and I would be a shark. Those two have started to hum the Jaws theme around me. I swear I have not been desperate. If I had been desperate, I would be at a bar.

Time to make dinner. Pasta. Here is a happy thought: I get paid again on Friday!!!


Anonymous Kama said...

Where can I get some of this spectacular Socks that Rock yarn? (Speaking of more projects on the needles. Still counting...)
I want to get paid on a Friday sometime.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Nell said...

I think it is time for you to update your blog agian ;)

9:54 AM  

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