Monday, December 12, 2005

I won

I won part of the newcomer's award for Fish Products Day. I am sharing it with a guy who is in the next cubicle (He is married). So we placed the award on top of the wall between the two cubicles. I am so overwhelmed.

This past weekend, the cute blonde chick who is pink obsessed walked for her degree. She still has to take finals. So pray for her. Or pray for me. I want her older brother to be my cabana boy. He fishes and he is HOT!!

The Christmas knitting is coming along. The purple sockie was knitted on. I have turned the heel. Now we have about 11inches to knit. I may have to cut off part of one of his foot. The neckwarmer has about 5 inches completed and I still have about 8 more inches to knit.

You may wonder why knit for other people. Well on Saturday I received this lovely phone call from Wisconsin. The boys thanking me was so precious. I hope the scarves come in hand with snowball fights. Duck Tamara!


Anonymous Lynn said...

Hi Mary,

Congratulations on your big win. Too bad the guy is married, but probably better since you work together.

Keep plugging away on those socks. Are you doing the 2 on 1 circ? Even though it is just as much knitting, they seem to go faster that way.


6:37 PM  
Anonymous Nell said...

I can't believe the pink chick will be finished with school. I wonder what her new schedule will be like in terms of hanging out???
This year, you should start your Christmas knitting for next year on Dec. 26th.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

I love that you anticipated our questions about cubicle guy. lol

I can't believe pink girl is almost done with school, and miss nell is getting married this weekend. :O

1:27 PM  

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