Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have returned to TN after my trip to KC. Overall it was great to see everyone, but too long. Why too long? Well when you don't have your own car, you feel like a heel if you keep borrowing someone else's car. I try not to be rude.

My mom is doing okay. But she is having some back problems. She has been receiving shots for the pain. I don't think these shots are working. She may have to have back surgery, which at her age is going to be tough.

I did finish purple sockies on the 23rd. So no IOU sock. He was happy.

The other drama from the trip was that I found out we were to have family photos on Monday. I did not bring any makeup or really anything nice to wear. I was not happy about this situation. Okay so I would have crash dieted to lose some weight. I admit to it. During my last night in KC, my older brother who just graduated college became upset about his job. Somehow my oldest brother said something about his job which got the first brother depressed and basically said he was going to quit his job. I just love family drama. This sure did not make a good break for me. I am having serious doubts about returning next Christmas. Negativity is not something I want or desire. There was a bunch of it this year at home.

I am currently knitting on a Dale of Norway vest in gray. I am tired tonight so I will try and write more later on in the week.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see that Dale vest, I don't know if I will ever tackle one, it would just take too long. I finished my mom's purple lace shawl and gave it to her for Christmas. That was enough detail for me. Now that you make more $ since you are back in the force and not teaching, you should buy a digital camera and post the sweater progress so we can all see.

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