Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Well I leave tomorrow for Rome. I am excited and scared at the same time. I don't want to do everything but I hope to see the Vatican, the Coleseum, the Forum, the Spanish Steps and the Three Coins in the Fountain. I do need to locate a steak if I am going to keep with tradition of the last three years. 1st rebel year was in OP, 2nd rebel year was in Kingsport, 3rd rebel year was in Gatlinburg, 4th rebel year is Rome. Only thing continuous is STEAK!!!!! Can we say Moo?

By the way the best thing I found in Europe is James and Oz wine adventures on BBC2. They have drank their way through France and are in California now. If you can catch it, DO!!!!! They go to high dollar wine maker and go to cheap ones too.

I had a good time in Leeds. I located a Borders bookstore. I still like seeing books in English. I purchased a Harmony yarn and crochet stitch guide. I also purchased a couple of fleeces and some shoes. I do hope to locate some Italian shoes for this trip.

The Brit cooks so well. He describes his tea so well some times it makes me hungry. He is also supportive of the bad habit called knitting.

It is that time of year where I reflect upon myself and the events of the past year. I am thankful for my friends. You all help with this continuous journey called life. Remember to hug those you are with and send those in other locations good thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Traveling We Go

Well I will try to keep the blog up-to-date, but pretty soon I will be traveling every weekend. It starts on Thanksgiving weekend with Rome. My friends know that I use Thanksgiving to reflect on the last year in my life and it definitely has been an eventful year for your girl.

This weekend though I will be going to Leeds to visit the Brit. Otherwise I would not see him until the 29th of December. Have I mentioned that I like him?

Okay so here is or itenary:

Thanksgiving weekend - Rome
Dec 2- Barcelona (pink!!!)
Dec 8 -Return from Barcelona
Dec 15 - Brussels with the employee social club
Dec 22 - Athens
Dec 29 - Return from Athens and the Brit meets me at the airport
Jan. 5 - Brit leaves for home

The Brit will be spending a week with me. My place should be really clean and he is talking about cooking maybe I will get chicken fried steak again. The client wants a picture of him. He wants me to spend a week in the spring in Scotland. I am sorely tempted to do it, because I would like a relaxing week in the country. Imagine the knitting I could get done and the yarn shop possibilities. Hmmmm.

Oh well work is progressing. Knitting is going well. I am above the armholes on my sweater. I need to knit the Brit a scarf. Oh yeah Peter knows about Gary.

I will keep posting my pictures. Italy and the English Lake District are on the website. Remember to share them. And are my comments working?