Sunday, February 19, 2006


On Saturday morning, I woke up to snow. It snowed almost all day. We had several inches and it stuck to the grass. Today, the snow is still there. While I have enjoyed watching the snow, I have been a little disappointed, because there are a couple of day trips that I would like to take on the weekends. Say Bass Pro Shop just north of Knoxville. I also heard that there is an Orvis shop nearby the Bass Pro. Orvis is good for fishing, but I love their clothes. They seem to fit my personality. Hopefully next weekend I can take my road trip.

Work is going well. I was able to finish the items that I had to have completed. Now on to something completely different. I am actually enjoying work. I think it has to do with having a variety of projects. I still need to finish a program for reading some files.

I am almost finished with my other front of the vest. I really like it. I was going through my knitting bags and discovered that I have over 11 projects on the needles in some sort of fashion. Come on my faithful knitting readers, fess up. How many projects can you think of while reading this blog? I was honest. Oh Lucy, get the palm pilot out!! I seem to remember taking that in hand and several knitters guessing at a table say on a Thursday night. Hmmm. This event could have played a factor with you all calling me Bad Mary after 40 Days of Purpose. Memories.

Anyways, one of the projects that I am really enjoying is the Socks That Rock yarn. It is yummy. Lovely Willie purchased it for me. I really like the yarn. I will probably purcahse some more when my sock yarn starts to decrease. This could be a long time, but I enjoy it and this hobby/addiction has kept me sane even if I am a slow knitter and I have tons of sock yarn.

On the guy front, I was talking with one co-worker and asked about single guys on the floor. He mentioned the one that invited me to church. I said he was nice. Well the co-worker mentioned it to another guy on the floor, and the other guy said the church guy would be a minnow. I guess they think that I have a forceful personality and I would be a shark. Those two have started to hum the Jaws theme around me. I swear I have not been desperate. If I had been desperate, I would be at a bar.

Time to make dinner. Pasta. Here is a happy thought: I get paid again on Friday!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006


This weekned it finally snowed here. On Saturday it snowed all day, but I think the ground was too warm since none of it stuck. This morning I woke up to my car being under snow. The trees looked lovely. Knowing about the snow coming, I decided to make a 3-bean chili from Rachel Ray. I have made this before and it is really good. Of course, the recipe called for beer. The Beck's has been good this weekend too.

Work became hectic after I returned from three days of training. A decision was made to change back to another idea. So I took some time this weekend working on the other option. Don't worry you faithful knitter is getting compensated. But I wish they would make up their minds.

On the internet dating front, I have been conversing via e-mail with this one guy for about two weeks. He seems nice, but I don't think I will stay on the site. I may take some time off from the dating thing. For some reason, finding a guy just doesn't thrill me right now. I may have to get back to being comfortable with me and taking time to spend on me.

I had my first fly tying class. The teacher is in love with his vise. I am unsure if he sleeps with it. Hey he talked about for maybe 15minutes. The first class was basically stuff I already knew. We will see how this progresses, but it is an excuse to get out of the apartment.

I made good progress on the vest this weekend. One front is done and I am working on the other front. Hopefully by next weekend I will start the back. I really like this pattern and I am becoming convinced that I will have enough yarn to finish this project. I thought it might be touch and go. I really do need to concentrate on finishing some projects quickly. I have too many going on. Trust me. I don't think I have ever had this many projects going on at once.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

How Bizarre

I started the week having the blues at work all day Monday. I really don't know why. I just felt blue. Then after work I stopped by to pay my cell phone bill. This stop was the beginning of a night of fighting with them. The store here is filled with morons. Every time I go into it for something they mess up. My main problem is I have another year on the contract. I will wait. Needless to say my number will be a KS number for another year. I did not want to increase my contract and I refuse to pay it out.

Tuesday, I found out that I used a wrong temperature for a design. Well the process lead found out about it before I received an e-mail from someone else, but he did not bother to tell me. Later on that night, I talked with a friend who was weeding her garden and she made me feel better.

After these two days, I decided some vacation was in order. At my work, I am able to take vacation by the hour. So I took two hours Wednesday afternoon. I went to a sporting good store. (Okay small pink one- your brother would love it. Send him out to me.) It had tons of hunting stuff and some fishing stuff. Nothing really like Cabela's or Bass Pro, but a little section. Well they are having fly tying classes there for the next four Tuesdays. I signed up. I have taken some classes before but that was over four years ago and I really have not tied much since then. I figure this will be a good course to get my feet wet again and it will get me out of the apartment at least once a week for a while. Also, there is a 15% coupon involved. I had been looking for some continuing education stuff but did not find anything. I do need some engagement of the mind outside of work and knitting. While at work, I received a compliment from a co-worker whom I am helping evaluate some data. Basically I wrote a program that captures the last line of a text file. Of course for one run there are over 1000 files.

Today was a good day in a bizarre way. I am sizing some equipment and after a previous burn from the same process lead (as stated earlier in this post), I check stuff. Turns out there was a couple items wrong and I caught them. I was proud of myself. How do I tell my supervisor about this catch?

I really have not progressed much this week on the knitting. I am almost to the armholes on my vest. I need to haul some knitting butt on this project. I would like to wear it to work. My local yarn store is having a Superbowl sale. I am tempted to go. I still need to plan a trip to Bass Pro and to start scouping out streams to fish here. Hmmm maybe I am getting settled in here and have too much stuff on the weekends to do. Cleaning by the way happens but I would like to avoid it.

Lynn, I may just decide that I will go gray and be proud, but I think with my black eyebrows that a nice deep auburn color would look good.

Hope everyone else is having a normal week.