Sunday, March 26, 2006

Race Weekend

Well, I have experienced my first NASCAR race weekend in the Tri-Cities. There is a track in Bristol. Supposedly it becomes hectic here. So being the enterprising person that I am, I decided to go to Sevierville outlet malls. While driving there, I experienced snow, rain, hail and sunshine. The mall was great. Better than Branson or the Lake. There is a Coldwater Creek shop which was having 30% off everything in the store. I purchased some moleskins and jeans. I have heard good things about the jeans. This mall would fit well into Johnson County. There was a Waterford/Wedgewood shop. Will our fearless knitter/fishingwoman return? Yes after all I have braved some bad weather already.

Work wise it was a hectic week. I really need to hop on the treadmill at night to help with the stress. I think I need the good endorphins that exercise brings. Hmmm. I may have to go into the fetal position hugging Pooh Bear after that last thought.

Lynn, I am not planning on returning for Knitting In the Heartland. I know I have several offers to stay without the Mother knowing, but none of the classes appealed to me. I knew that I would probably not take any classes after hearing about Nicky Epstein. Her work does not interest me. Remember everyone is a different knitter and that is what makes us unique. Also $600 for a plane ticket right now with saving for a house/condo is a little much.

I still need to finish the armbands and button band on the vest. I have not felt like finishing it, but I will get to it slowly but surely. I have one more sleeve to do on a Baby Einstein for a friend in St. Louis. It is their first. I am also doing my gusset decreases on Socks that Rock. I will really purchase some more yarn. I also have some yarn for a cute sleeveless shell.

Okay, when does Stitches Midwest open??? And only 66 more days to Camp. I do miss my time off during the day for knitting. Opinion poll do you really think 9 hour days are that great?of a thing??

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break

Right now, I am missing teaching a great deal. Why? Well, Spring Break allowed me to wind down and energize myself for the remainder of the semester.

The money is great in this job, but the stress hurts. I think this is the reason for me leaving it in the first place. I do plan to return to teaching. When? At least after an early retirement, but I do keep my eye open for teaching positions in the community college.

I have been reading a book by Max Lucado and it definitely has me convinced that my sweet spot is teaching community college. This journey has been alot of soul searching. Of course this could be why I was so interested in the Idaho job. I just wish that I had interviewed better.

On the knitting front, I need to knit the arm and button bands of the vest. Yes. I also am making great progress on a baby gift for long time friend (over 15 years and it is Jahna's).

I think not having close close friends here has been making it hard for me, but everytime I feel down a good friend calls or e-mails. It makes me appreciate everyone.

P.S. My bracket sucks for the tournament.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Well, I finally went fishing here in TN. It is different than the other places that I have fly fished. It is very muddy due to the tailwater situation. Also the banks are really high. It made short little me nervous. I can not scale these banks in my waders. If I had a boat, I could float the rivers even when there is no generators running. It will take time. I had no bites, but trout fishing is an art form for me. I think that is one of reasons why I enjoy it so much. I will be a participant in a fly casting class which may improve my skill. Of course I am more than willing to have a friend's certain brother teach me.

Yesterday, I met a lady from Townsend Sock Knitters group. Yes Lynn I joined it. We met at a Barnes and Noble in Johnson City. It was nice to talk to another knitter. We hope to meet again, but with summer hitting I am trying to plan some more stuff.

Next Saturday, there is a fibers show and sale at a state historic area. I visited the area last weekend. I don't know if it will only be weaving, but I might find some nice placemats or something. The flyer does say fibers and yarn for sale.

Work is going fine. I hope to finish a couple projects within the next two weeks. I am trying to ignore people who irritate me and concentrate on me. I would hate to move my cubicle, because there is a nice lady across the aisle from me. She is fun to talk to.

Alert the media: I have made progress on the knitting front. The vest needs to be blocked and then the edgings (armhole and button band) have to be added. I may finish this project before the client. I may get fired for this one. Hmmm something tells me that I know several people who would volunteer to take my job.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Eighty days to Camp Stitches.

I don't know if springtime is hitting KC. But I can see a Bradford pear blooming from my window. I do miss the redbuds. I wonder if I will see magnolias.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Okay, only pink lady semi-confessed about having several projects on the needles. SO THE REST OF YOU ARE WIMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bared my knitting bags to you, but you withheld information. What is a girl to do??

Fly tying class has been going good. I will return to that shop to purchase a rod and fill out some of my tying needs. Discounts are always fun. I may also purchase some Merrill shoes.

Today's weather has been beautiful. This is when I really miss plant work. Because I could always make an excuse to go outside. I am on the top floor of a building and it has been a sauna. Work has dragged on!!

I am working on the back of the vest, but it has been slow. I arrive at work at 7am and if I am at home by 5:30pm I am lucky. I am slowly adjusting to the schedule.

Work has been frustrating because I am concerned with some issues. Like for a project, do I have to call a plant and verify some numbers that another member gives me or writes down somewhere. I plan to talk with my mentor this week. I want to get a feel for good techniques compared to bad techniques. Everything starts somewhere, but I know of four items that I have encountered which I believe another person should have caught. Of course, I have to shrug this situation off and continue being a good engineer. I also think that I realize these issues will help me as I continue in the company, but I do need to gauge the expectations of different roles. I have a feeling that I could be filling these roles in the future. Maybe I worry too much, but I want to do a good job.

Oh and Nell - Update your blog too. I hope my friends are doing good.