Tuesday, May 29, 2007

June 7th

Yes that is the date I will be flying to the Netherlands. Needless to say it has been frantic here in East TN. I have filled 3 55 gallon garbage bags with shredded paper and there is more to do.

So I will go and contine to work. My stress is high so vino is being consumed.

I am planning on trying to blog from work this week. Wish me luck.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Still in Limbo

Yeah! I still do not know a leave date for the Netherlands. I wish it would arrive soon. I have been waiting a good two monthes on this subject. I know that I provided everything necessary, but it is red tape.

Mother's Day was alright. I had a friend invite me over for lunch which was really nice. This weekend has been difficult due to that time of the month. I dislike raging hormones don't you?

Kniting wise things have been chugging along. I finished a shapely shawlette. The pattern is by Judy Pascle. The yarn is a lovely color of peach silk that the client gave to me last year for birthday. Gotta love the client. I am on repeat 6 out of 9 to attach the border on my red shawl. I am pondering starting something new. I have the itch. You all know that itch. I want to work on something else itch!!!

Work is going alright. I am actually going to meet my Netherlands boss on Tuesday. Should be interesting. Oh well I really need get to shredding some documents. I am paranoid about someone breaking in and here I am with all these documents that I don't need anymore. Come on who needs 13 year old credit card bills? Not me.

Take care all!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Well, most of my friends know that a lot has happened to me since the last post. No, I am not in the Netherlands yet.

While I was in Denver for the lace knitting conference, I received a phone call from one of my brothers. He said that my mom had a stroke with severe bleeding. This was late Thursday afternoon, the 19th. The next Monday we removed the ventilator and mom passed away about three hours later.

I do miss her. I realize that I did not have a perfect relationship with her, but I loved her. It has me somewhat mellow.

I do appreciate everyone's concerns, thoughts and prayers. I will post again soon, but next weekend will be tough with Mother's Day. I hate Hallmark right now.