Sunday, May 21, 2006

10 Days

Well I am a knitting fiend. I have finsished the back on the sleeveless sweater. I am almost completed the neckline on the side to side sweater. I am obtaining smaller number of rows for this sweater so it is slow going.

Mom had her surgery on Monday and was home on Wednesday. She is doing well and says she is sleeping better.

Today, I went for a car trip which included driving through a state park and looking at some neighborhoods. I hopefully will contact a real estate agent soon for purchasing house purposes. I am looking for a 3bedroom 2 car garage house. I am stunned at the number of houses with carports. I do not want a carport.

Work is going well. I really enjoyed the class last week and was able to meet some new people.

10 days until I drive to North Carolina. I can't wait. I only have seven days of work. Everyone have a good week.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


I am guessing that TN has different pollen than KS, because I have been having some sinus trouble pretty regular. Every once in a while I would have a headache in KS but I have been have some twinging every couple of weeks and it can last for more than one day. Oh well time to take some Aleve. I am also sneezing more. As several of you know, Mary sneezing is not a pretty site. Lady-like is not I. Pink one in contrast is very ladylike. (Oh yeah good luck with finals - pink one and Erikpooh.)

I really haven't been fishing because of other stuff and rain. It rained here pretty hard and now it is sunny. Plus, they are letting out a lot of water. Some of the other stuff that I have been doing include golf lessons. My swing is doing pretty good and I hope to go to the driving range. I am trying to have the LYS owner to go with me once a month for a game. I have also located a local meat market that has pretty good steaks and sausage. I am trying to cook more and go out less.

Okay, I had promised myself after purchasing the Lavold yarn to behave, but that went by the wayside. I purchased some Katia Jamica to make this sweater, which was designed by the LYS owner. You cast on for the sleeve, do increases for the sleeve, cast on for the body, knit for the body, separate for the neck, rejoin, knit body, cast off the two ends keeping the middle for the other sleeve and then decreases for sleeve. It is really cute. Great design. How do I know? The LYS owner is having it published in a magazine next year. I will give details later on. I am also working on baby blankie and a sleeveless shell with a cable up the front that splits at the v-neck (also designed by LYS owner). She makes the owners in KS look putzy with all the designs that she develops. Really talented. Of course one shop out there is missing the client.

Oh yeah, then there is an evil e-mail that I received from Lynn on Friday. (She looks so innocent, but don't let that fool you. Hide your pocketbooks.) She informed me that there was more openings for the Socks that Rock club. I love the sock I am knitting with this stuff even though I have to rip it out and go down a needle size. So there was another huge purchase. I should receive my first kit this month. I need to save money for a house.

Hopefully, my mother will have back surgery next week to help with a pinched nerve. I may return to KC to help her on a long weekend. If I do you will be the first to know. I would have to go to KS to close out a CD - money to help buy future house, but I may not have enough time to see my adoring fan club known as great friends. Most of the time will have to be helping the family. This is protection so that they do not come visiting.

Next week, I will have a distillation class for the first three days and this should be awesome. The teacher is world-known distillation expert. He has several books and articles. The nerd in me is coming out. Work was slow, but it is now picking up which should help.

Well, I have been in TN for six months and I made a couple of good friends. I still feel like I am reassembling my life again. I also have to remind myself that it takes 3 years to put down roots. At least that is something Tamara says and she heard that this is why the military moves families so much in her real estate business. On the man front, I don't care anymore. It isn't worth stressing over.

I will try to write/post more this month. After all there is only 17 days until Camp Stitches and lace-a-rama. I think having so much time off teaching has made it hard to adjust working. Miss ya all. One final note - high temperature her may have hit 90ºF. There are perks to Eastern TN.