Sunday, December 10, 2006

Catch Up

Well I had a great time in Gaitlinburg. Traffic is worse than Branson. I did like the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and I will definitely return there. I had a great time shopping. I located the perfect store for me. Half flyfishing and half yarn. What more could I ask for? I did purchase 2500yards of merino-fingering-lace weight for like $25. I stayed in a Honeymoon condo and had a huge hot tub. It was lovely. I ate out a couple of times. Steak was good too.

I will be leaving Monday to go to SC again. I will return on Thursday and leave again on Sunday. I feel like I have not had a lot of time to enjoy my tree and Christmas. Oh well. I will leave from SC Friday before Christmas. I am unsure of when I can make it done south to visit my knitters in crime.

Good luck to Chris moving to MT. I hope you have plenty of long underwear.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Here in TN it is clear. Unlike MO. Hmmm moving here may not have been a bad idea.

Work has been a bear. I am on a major project with work. I have traveled to SC at least 4 times since returning from surgery. I will travel to SC 2 more times before I leave for KC and Christmas break.

I do not know when I will be leaving because I could be leaving from SC.

Tree is up and I have to start mailing cards and client's gift.

Oh well back to my brother's black socks.