Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have returned to TN after my trip to KC. Overall it was great to see everyone, but too long. Why too long? Well when you don't have your own car, you feel like a heel if you keep borrowing someone else's car. I try not to be rude.

My mom is doing okay. But she is having some back problems. She has been receiving shots for the pain. I don't think these shots are working. She may have to have back surgery, which at her age is going to be tough.

I did finish purple sockies on the 23rd. So no IOU sock. He was happy.

The other drama from the trip was that I found out we were to have family photos on Monday. I did not bring any makeup or really anything nice to wear. I was not happy about this situation. Okay so I would have crash dieted to lose some weight. I admit to it. During my last night in KC, my older brother who just graduated college became upset about his job. Somehow my oldest brother said something about his job which got the first brother depressed and basically said he was going to quit his job. I just love family drama. This sure did not make a good break for me. I am having serious doubts about returning next Christmas. Negativity is not something I want or desire. There was a bunch of it this year at home.

I am currently knitting on a Dale of Norway vest in gray. I am tired tonight so I will try and write more later on in the week.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I won

I won part of the newcomer's award for Fish Products Day. I am sharing it with a guy who is in the next cubicle (He is married). So we placed the award on top of the wall between the two cubicles. I am so overwhelmed.

This past weekend, the cute blonde chick who is pink obsessed walked for her degree. She still has to take finals. So pray for her. Or pray for me. I want her older brother to be my cabana boy. He fishes and he is HOT!!

The Christmas knitting is coming along. The purple sockie was knitted on. I have turned the heel. Now we have about 11inches to knit. I may have to cut off part of one of his foot. The neckwarmer has about 5 inches completed and I still have about 8 more inches to knit.

You may wonder why knit for other people. Well on Saturday I received this lovely phone call from Wisconsin. The boys thanking me was so precious. I hope the scarves come in hand with snowball fights. Duck Tamara!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


At my work, we celebrate Fish Products Day. We do not have a floor party with the usual Christmas spirit. We go Anti and eat smelly disgusting dishes. Actually my boss started this tradition about 18 years ago. It is kind of off-the-wall. I think I will fit right in. Here is the website:

Yes there is a website and Haiku contest. No I chose not to enter the Haiku contest. I am doing my part and preparing Salmon Bites from a cookbook that my ex-husband purchased for me as a Christmas gift. I do hope no one comes down with food poisoning.

On the knitting front, gifts are going to the wild tundra of Wisconsin. Purple sockie was worked on this past week. I need to kick it up a notch for no IOUs. I am also working on the neck warmer. Is it just me or does everyone want to say screw the gifts let's start that vest with the Black Water Abbey yarn for ME? Hmmm. I might be feeling too much pressure.

My honeymoon is over at work. It has been one of those weeks where I really want to say it is Saturday, I don't have to get dressed all day long.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


Well, I have now completed my first month at work. I do wonder how may pay stub arrives? I will check Monday. Don't worry I have my expense check from them anyways.

On Thursday, I have semi-officially added another project to my list of work. On Friday my mentor told me about another one that he volunteered for me. So I am busy at work, which is good. It will keep me out of trouble.

I have not done much in the way of knitting. I plan on tackling some this weekend. I want to finish the mitten so I can send the Wisconsin care package. I did knit on the purple sockie some. I also started my brother's neck warmer. I have knitted the 3rd brother two neck warmers for previous Christmases. My oldest brother likes to hunt so I am knitting him one out of olive green. His wife is the only that I have no clue what to buy/make for Christmas. I just need to sit down and knit like my client (The fastest knitter in KS.) Oh yeah that red shawl is still MIA and will be until next Christmas. I refuse to stress.

My weekend plans include knitting, washing, visiting yarn shop to knit, cleaning apartment, watching football and murder mysteries, and maybe buying a Christmas tree (fake of course). I have the ornaments from my marriage, because it was my brother who purchased most of them as gifts for me.

I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the holidays. My group has a unique tradition. Fish Products Day. I know there is a website and I will try to find it so that everyone can see the excitement. Oh yeah I probably will not enter the Haiku contest. I do have a recipe for Salmon Bites and I have already asked about food poisoning.