Thursday, September 28, 2006


I returned to work today. Everyone was nice, but I am pooped. Dr. said that everything looks fine.

I think a nappy-pooh is in order. Excuse me while I snore.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well this afternoon is my appointment with the surgeon. I possibly will return to work tomorrow. Rats!

During my recovery period, I have knitted on the following:

2 caps for little boys (using Blizzared
1 scarf complete (knitted using PJs from Knit One Crochet Too)
2 scarves in progress (1 knitted using Blizzard and Segue Ribbon)
1 poncho still needs to be assembled (using a noro Tidori and Berroco Suede. I like to sew on the floor)
my Sally Melville Favorite Summer Sweater (yes the one I ripped out the front and back because I have a warped mind. I am abover the armholes on the front and started the front end of last week.)
Barely started a sleeveless Lavold design out of Book 9. (Good book - take a look at your LYS)

AND FINALLY, today I finished casting on a moebius using instructions from my friend Lynn H. (This project makes me miss the Knitting Guild back in KC. Hopefully something will start to develop here - there is some talk amongst a couple of people.) This project is a Christmas present for a good friend who does not knit.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Well Nell e-mailed me and asked how I was recovering. So I thought I would let you all know. I still hurt some. It gets more annoying after lunch. I still have not returned to work, but I probably will go back Thursday.

This break has made me realize some of the freedom that I had teaching. I am definitely going to start taking steps to return. I am more passionate about helping people than engineering. Oh well. Whether or not this means moving back to the Midwest, I do not know. We will have to wait and see.

Okay, time to finish up Stitches even though it has been a month. Bad Mary. On Saturday, I took a day full of fair isle classes. Actually it was two classes. One was more about fair isle information and how to knit it. The afternoon class was about finishing. We even did tiny steeks. We did not use a sewing machine, but used a crochet method. I do not think I would do the method justice if I explained it here. Saturday more shopping ensued. Did I mention that all except one pattern that I purchased was lace? Saturday night was the student fashion show. To get the client to model, I had to model. Well I had finished the Vermont Fibers Trend Pattern for the Fir Cone Shell. I had several compliments on it before going up to walk the runway. The client had a Flirty Ruffles shawl and and knitted top with matching knitted skirt to model. She looked great and received several compliments too. The crowning achievement of the night was that I had to go up and pick up a bag for my table. Everyone received presents and the present you received depend on the location that you sat with respect to the person with the bag. Client received Brown Sheep shampoo. She almost fired me, because I received the new XRX Jackets book. The book is awesome and I am considering my options for which pattern to knit. Dinner was awful. They served pasta primervra and the noodles would not twirl. Of course client was not pleased. I guess that is the problem of being taught to cook Italian by a mother-in-law who only spoke Italian.

On Sunday, the client and I both had an all-day Gansey class with Beth Brown-Reislen. We each had our book signed. I did not finsih my baby Gansey but Caroline of course did finish. Carol N. was also in our class and we had fun. A little more shopping occurred but not as bad as the previous days. Sunday night we discussed designing the lace shawl and ate pizza.

Overall, I enjoyed myself. I was able to pet and look at several yarns that I have not seen in LYS in KS, MO, TN, or NC. How much did I spend? Not sure. Do I care? No. Did I have fun? Yes.

Next year will be a Lace conference in April. ( and Stitches East. Both with the client. Camp Stitches will depend on finances and instructors. I will try to update you all more often.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Last Wednesday I had surgery to remove my gall bladder. I am doing fairly well. The belly button where they add air to expand my abdomen hurts like a bugger still. I will probably return to work later this week. It is hard to move and have something touch the belly button. I do not know how anyone has a belly button ring. I think they are crazy.

Time to return to my knitting murder mystery marathon. I may be off work but that does not mean I am bored.

I will finish up Stitches soon too. Sorry about the lack of posting.